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Tratamentul psoriazisului la domiciliu videoclipuri populare

Tratamentul psoriazisului la domiciliu videoclipuri populare

And I am extremely সরি we had some technical glyceres. And we are just starting the session again. Doctors onal Kumta here and they had of the department ofstatics and গাইনি.

And I like to congratulate each and every one of you now that you have completed your first and second Prime Minister. And now we have entired what is called as the third টাইম is the of pregnancy.

As you know the third prime minister Starts at 29 weeks and we'll continue to 40 weeks that is the entire duration of pregnancy. Gain weight. So as you know when you did your color, Doppler with pornography at weeks, we saw that the baby weight would approximately be around Becomes the most important trimester for group and hence. I'm definitely not recommending that you guys eat very high calorie or you know loaded food, but it needs to be a simple balanced healthy.

And increase the protein content in your diet because for growing tissues for the baby to gain weight for the baby to gain size protein becomes a very very important requirement so especially for vegetarians, I would definitely recommend that the protein intake in your diet must go up if you are unable to take sufficient quantity of protein, it might also be recommended that you start a protein supplement so we.

Aboriginal in this trimester, I'm looking at a one KG rate per month so every check up when I meet you, I want to see that your rate has increased by one K in a month now, this might be is different for those women who are already on the overweight or on the obese side or you know they have a gestational diabetes here we will not require a one KG every month weight gain, but.

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Following a balanced healthy diet is very very important in the third trimester. High-risk pregnancy by view of having high blood pressure or sugar or thyroid these disorders or these problems are likely to get more and more amplified in the last trimester and hence one has to be extremely vigilant very, very careful in monitoring as well as you know do certain în karaganda tratamentul varicozei and as a gynecologist as an obstetrician, we are very very careful in trying to pick up some additional medical problems if we see any.

Signs or symptoms for the same now, What is it? It's definitely now going to cause a load in on each and every system of your body. For example, you may feel a difficulty in breathing you know because it is the large uterus is now compressing or giving pressure on your lungs. There might be a feeling of heartburn or a lot of gastritis. Digestion issues because the uterus is compressing the tumor and the intestines very often when there is pressure on the bladder, the the women may feel like they want to pass urine frequently so much so that they may have to wake up at night.

Also despre cele mai importante videoclipuri varicose video see some women with varicose veins, you know dilated veins on their legs the problems. Constipation piles hemorrhoids.

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All of these are also likely to increase now Also you will start noticing stretch marks or if you already have stretch marks they are likely to get more and more pronounced. Very, very rapidly and that is causing.

I tell my patients three times in the day after every meal, for example after breakfast after lunch and after dinner they. Try to keep a baby's chart so for an hour after the meal, they're checking to see how many times the baby is moving and Aly I would expect in 1 hour The baby should move at least three to four times so objectively monitoring that the baby is moving is very, very reassuring for us along with the baby movements.

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Some of you may start noticing what is called the Braxton Hicks contractions now sometimes. May feel that the tummy is becoming tight and after a few seconds or after a minute the tummy or the uterus seems to relax itself. This is what is tratament varicose laser as a Braxton Hicks now what the uterus is really doing is it is preparing for the final process of delivery. So what is the difference between a Braxton as well as?

This contraction or tightness of the uterus is now going to be a clogged or it is also going to be accompanied with very severe pain and back ache.

So that is how you you can distinguish between a Braxton Hicks and a severe. So if you're just feeling the uterus is becoming tight, but there is no associated pain. We can say that this can be a Braxton and eventually these contractions are going to become stronger merge together and eventually.

Will give rise to your page This is also a good time for you to confirm and you know make sure of where you are going to deliver So at Fortis, we have a process of registration where we ask our patients after the seventh month that is when they enter the third trimester, we ask them to register in the hospital now the registration is a small deposit that is.

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It and what it really. If you are a registered or a booked patient then it is not easier and comfortable for you as well as for the hospital because we have a fair idea of how many patients are going to deliver with us in this month or in this week cu legume varicoase prin oțet we can despre cele mai importante videoclipuri varicose video and plan for your delivery better.

This is also a good time to talk to your ah obstetrician about your birth plan.

Tratamentul psoriazisului la domiciliu videoclipuri populare Silkis psoriazis recenzii Tratamentul psoriazisului cu remedii folclorice este poziționat în medicina modernă ca fiind cel mai scump fel de terapie.

So how ah what does the doctor feel? Does she feel that your delivery process is without any high-risk or does she feel that everything is going normal?

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Is she planning primăvara de sănătate varicoză wait for the labor to start or does she feel that there is some high risk factor or some some important criteria whereby she may not think it was to allow a vaginal birth so discussing your birth plan with your health provider with yours. This is a good time, Also all your worries and anxieties all your.

We like I like to answer all those questions so my patients are comfortable when they come closer to the due date, We can also talk to the patients I often talk despre cele mai importante videoclipuri varicose video them about how I plan for their delivery. Given to them what does epidural epidural is painless delivery where we give up different form of anesthesia whereby a catheter is put and medications are inserted as a result the labor process becomes a very despre cele mai importante videoclipuri varicose video comfortable and very smooth for you.

So all these things can be discussed whether this. Neonatal intensive care unit whereby if the child is born, premature or let's say the child's weight is on the lower side or there are certain issues at birth where we feel the child needs to be monitored very carefully for the next day or hours or so, then we have the facility because it is always better to have a neonatal intensive care unit in the same place.

That you're delivering instead of having to shift this baby elsewhere just because you know there is no intentions of care for the baby.

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For example, sugars your complete Hemo that your despre cele mai importante videoclipuri varicose video test and also your viral markers closer to your delivery date. What is the size of the uterus?

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I like to tell my. When I'm examining them, what is the position of the baby? Where's the head of the baby? Where's the back of the baby and it is you know they're so excited when they find out and then they say, Oh, yeah doctor.

That is why I feel the kicks you know here when I point out and tell them this is where your baby's legs are. Oh okay. That's the reason we can make out you know where the baby is kicking and so forth so apart from doing a regular physical.

Examination from the abdomen we like to do a vaginal examination also to understand what is the situation any infections need to be dealt with very very urgently. Also, if you are finding any changes in the mouth of the uterus with a preparation for delivery, let's say we are feeling that the mouth is becoming soft or it is opening up, then definitely will be telling you that.

Thinks seen like most likely to happen and you got to be prepared with your delivery it so lot of my patients as me doctor what should I pack you know when I am gold to come to the hospital for delivery what should I be bringing with me so at photos we actually don't required to do you to bring anything because everything related to delivery we provide for I tell my patient all my need is you and your antimated spile where I have carefully doc You know all the happenings of the 9 months and very often they ask me.

Do I need to get my husband and I say even that is not required unless you want him for moral support. So you know you can really come without any.

Ultrasound is also something that I recommend as a result we get to see what is voi vindeca varicele exact position of the baby. What is the exact weight of the baby and what is the placenta position and anything else? What is the amount of fluid around the baby?

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So all these things are very very crucial and important to us to make those decisions regarding your delivery. That is called as a non stress test. This is actually nothing, but your baby's heartbeat, which we are recording continuously for about ten to 15 minutes. I'm able to interpret and say that the baby is doing fine. So you know these are some of the tips and some of the things I want to tell you what to expect when you get into your third trimester and I think it's extremely wonderful that you have so safely and so carefully carried your pregnancy till the baby despre cele mai importante videoclipuri varicose video now almost ready.

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Pendant existence you have made sure that the baby has grown and baby has gained weight and all it's organ systems. Everything is well formed so. Week but until then, please take care stay safe and take care of yourself in the days. Thank you.